Chapter 18 – Faith And Pride of Unicorn’s

「However, you were standing together and fighting the griffons to protect the mares.」

I said that, while at the same time having a bit of a better opinion of them.

At the time of the raid by more than 100 griffons, the unicorns were protecting the mares by using their own bodies.

Luckily, when the raid started, I had noticed the unusual phenomenon at the unicorn ranch, so there were no casualties.

Nevertheless, majority of the unicorns sustained major injuries.

Although wounded, the unicorns protected the mares.

「Fuu, it’s natural.」

The young representative of the unicorns, Geo, replied.

「It’s because about half the mares are the ones that gave their virginity to us. Some of them might also conceive our children in their belly. To protect them is only natural」

「That’s the case for the mares that offered their virginity to you. If they were the non-virgins are you still going to protect them too?」

Certainly, the virgin craving unicorns would steal the virgins for themselves, They wouldn’t even concern themselves with the non-virgins.

「We~ll, that’s…」

Snort, Geo showed a cool smile with his eyes closed.

Che, in spite of being a horse, that one scored some points.

It raised my valuation of the unicorns’ stock.


「About that other half of them that are here, the bitches that offered their virginity to males beside us, whatever happens to them is fine for us. Whether they’re eaten or raped by the griffons, that didn’t have anything to do with us」

The young unicorn, Geo, said it like it was natural.

My valuation of unicorns’ stock that rose just now, instantly plummetted.

Well, it meant that these guys wouldn’t change their mind.

As I thought,『Education』is necessary.

「By the way, I don’t see you guys mating with the mares at all right now. Yet, you were swarming the virgin mares, wanting to be the first when I brought them in for the first time」

「Those virgins already got our first-rate, noble pen*s. After become a used goods, though we will protect them, we are not interested in mating with them again.」


「There’s nothing we can do. It’s because our first-rate, noble pen*ses won’t erect unless they’re in a brand new, pure virgin」 [Speaking with a haughty tone]

I see, so they can’t get any reaction…

If that was the case…………then, I just need to do something to make that reaction.

Copulating with nothing but virgin mares and in addition to that, they simply only mate with it once in the beginning. and never do it again with the same mare. Inexcusable.

As I thought, these guys needed 『Education』 for the sake of raising the productivity of the unicorn ranch.

I temporarily created a hole in the earth wall.

From there, I let the virgin centaur, Rusche, and other virgin mares get out.

The ones left there were those that, because they had already copulated with other male horse, the unicorns never wanted to become their partners.

After that, I brought the young unicorn, Geo inside a special education room.

Inside the unicorn ranch, there was a special corrections room that I made, a 3-metre-radius space surrounded by 2 metre high walls; I put him in there.

At the same time, I arranged for him to copulate with the oldest mare[15 years old] that had already copulated with other male horses.

By the way, a 15 year old horse in human terms would be 50 to 60 years old.

「Fun! Even if injected with whatever kind of medicine, we, the high-class noble unicorn, won’t feel any passion towards that dirty middle-aged second-hand woman! 」

Geo declared that confidently.

And so, I made a certain『Bet』 with the unicorns.

The bet was, they had to prove to me that, after I inject them with the stimulant that I had gotten from town, they will not feel anything towards the mares that had done it with other male horses.

If the unicorn could endure for half a day, I promised to bring them a large quantity of virgin mares every day from now on.

Thus, the unicorns accepted the bet with full confidence that they would never be aroused by second-hand mares and the likes.

I injected the stimulant into the unicorns.

But, I never told them that it was not a normal one.

It was a special stimulant with a strong aphrodisiac effect, even can be said a kind of magic potion.

In fact it was too strong, to the point that its use on humans and fairies was prohibited.


[Part 2 ______]

Immediately after injecting the stimulant, the unicorns were composed.


Before 30 minutes had even passed, their sense of reasoning was blown off and transformed them into a sex beast.

It was to the extent that even that young unicorn, Geo, began to copulate with the horse in the special training room.

His partner was a 60-years-old mare, if converted to human age.

While he continue to copulate with her, Geo muttered 「 I can’t win against the drug…」, with teary eyes.

I was satisfied with the result.

With this, the condition of virgin unicorn cooking also eased-up a little.

I was sure that with this, the unicorn ranch’s productivity would also increase.

Up till now, the unicorns wouldn’t copulate unless it was with virgin and they would only do it once.

And yet, maybe because of their high fertility, they were not annihilated.

With that, by putting a great number of mares in the ranch everyday, and making them copulate from morning till night——I have a hunch that the number of delivered foals would explode.

Among the children born here and there might be a female unicorn――――just maybe.

Leaving behind the unicorn ranch, I went with female centaur, Rusche, till we reached the temporary settlement, then went back to house.

The Taupnir tribe, that became my slaves, became stiff when I ordered them to immigrate near the unicorn ranch in a few days.

Because Rusche was wearing the『Collar of slavery』, there was no fear of her running away.

Because the 『Collar of slavery』would choke the neck of a slave that tried to escape.

「Haa! I understand O’Great Ash-sama!!!」

Strong loyalty lodged in the eyes of the female centaur slave, Rusche.

If it was her, even if I remove the『Collar of slavery』, I get the feeling that she would not run away.

But, I, who hate betrayal, wouldn’t want to remove it.

……………………at least not now.

I was worried if she could return to the village alone, but Rusche confidently said that it wouldn’t be a problem.

It was befitting of Rusche, with her excellent archery and also fast feet, so I thought there wouldn’t be any problems.

Therefore, I returned by myself.

I flew and went to the house in the great prairie.

After I arrived, I entered the house.

Inside the house had already transformed beyond recognition.

The slave girls, Angela, Remilia, and Luna altered the interior design of the room.

The atmosphere inside the house had considerably changed with curtains and miscellaneous goods purchased from the fortress city, Kare.

Good quality carpet was laid on the floor too.

It was flooded with something like freshness and became gorgeous.

There was also a nice smell floating around, were they burning incense too?.

The incense had a relaxing effect, which calmed me by smelling it.

In addition, it made me think that it increased the comfort level of living in the house by three times.

――Not bad.

That was my honest impression.

「Ah, Welcome home Master!!!!!」

The first one that came out to greet me was, as I thought, the beast girl Angela.

As usual, she greeted me while dashing at me with her tail waving intensely.

And then――she let out――「Hawaa!?」

She fell down where there was nothing. This girl, could it be that she had dojikko* attribute? [TL2 : clumsy girl]

This person, that looked unnatural just now…… must have been my imagination.

I caught Angela.

「Te, Tehehehe…………Ah, thank you very much Master♪」

Angela looked very delighted when she was caught by me.

Her tail was waving vigorously while her face flushed red.

As expected, she was cute.

Angela was so cute and lovely and……it was adorable.

I――kissed Angela.


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Chapter 17 – Female Centaur, Rusche

When I said that if I was allowed to make the whole tribe become my slaves, they really would become my slaves.

It looked like there were violent tribal disputes amongst the centaurs that resided in the great prairie; it was often that the losing tribe in the battles were enslaved.

Becoming the subjects of a strong man wasn’t an unusual thing for the centaurs.

Of course, the centaurs seemed to be considerably at a lost, but the final choice was either to become a slave or face total annihilation.

The female centaur, Rusche, and the 4 subordinates were desperately persuading their adversaries.

Although I said slave, taking them and selling them to the likes of the human country wouldn’t happen――――That was my definate promise, I think.

I was not too familiar with human slaves and the like―― I also had strong opposition towards that; I summoned the earth spirit king (behemoth) and displayed its overwhelming stature/large build, in order to break their will and have them become obedient.

「Ash-sama…………My older brother, the patriarch, that foolish Cain; please forgive him. 」

The female centaur, Rusche, apologized to me again while running behind me, through the great prairie.

I am put a 『Collar of Obedience』 on Rusche’s neck.

Among the centaurs who became my slaves, I only put a『Collar of Obedience』on this female centaur and the patriarch, Cain, I.

Though, I actually want them all to wear them.

But, unfortunately, there aren’t enough 『Collars of Obedience』.

Today, I was going to go to the fortress city, Kare to buy stimulants. Taking that opportunity, I was also going to to buy 『Collars of Obedience』 at the slave firm.

One was needed for my newly acquired slave, the half elf Luna.

Not buying just one, but ten at a time.

I took into account that the number of slaves would increase again.

The reason I bought 10 was, when you buy 10, you get one free as a service.

By the way, though the market price was 10 gold coin, I only needed to pay 9 ½ (gold) coins.

Now, I went along with the female centaur, Rusche, that was wearing『Collar of Obedience』as my slave, going towards the unicorn ranch.

The other centaurs were waiting for orders in the village.

They were, however, going to migrate to the vicinity of the unicorn ranch afterwards.

Though there were 50 centaurs, I didn’t particularly know what to do with them.

Therefore, they would live on the outskirts of the unicorn ranch for now, and I would allow them to become the unicorn’s bodyguards.

Aside from more than 100 griffon, like that time, if it was the weaker fliying demon, the centaurs’ bows would take care of it.

Because Rusche was a hostage(Collateral Horse*) as well as a guard for my other slaves, it might be better for her to live in my house.

……It was not particularly to increase my slave harem.

I didn’t have any intention of taking someone to increase harem slave.

Even if her upper body was a big breasted beautiful woman, Rusche’s lower body was still a horse.

…………Certainly, her upper half was truly a beauty. A cold beauty to astonishing degree……added with enormous breasts…..but.

「Cain ani* is courageous and powerful. Even so, he is also quickly tempered. Please……please forgive him」

「You don’t need to apologize so many times. When the others also became slaves, I already forgave them」

In addition to being fed-up with her repeated apologies, I said that so she wouldn’t apologize anymore.

By the way, Cain’s wounds were more shallow than I thought, maybe they would be healed in a few days.

He may also shoot the bow again, just like before.

Such a tough guy.

If it was him, with his brute strength and solid build taking that bow, I feel like being able to use him for something.

Though, I’m extremely doubtful about his degree of loyalty.

Well, since just like Rusche, their patriach Cain also waring a『Collar of Obedience』.

They can’t betray me, even if they want to do so.

「Tell me, did your ancestors have something done to them by humans?」

I’m a little worried because the other centaurs said something about their treatment.

「Yes…………The truth is――」

It was more than 100 years ago.

Their ancestors lived in a different place to the great prairie.

That place also lushly green with many game animals; it was truly a blessed land.

That place——-was snatched by the humans.

They resisted, but there were too many. No matter how hard they tried they were no match for the human troops, who had countless true magic users.

Many of their brethren died.

The place where they were living for many years was snatched; they then looked for new place, a place that completely had nothing to do with humans. They wandered around the world.

They felt hatred and resentment toward the human race.

At the end of their long and difficult journey, they finally discovered a new fertile ground.

So it was, that place was—-the great prairie.

「The ancestors who received cruel treatment from the humans told hateful legends about humans to their offspring. Our generation too, never held good feelings for humans. Especially young men around Cain’s age; they also vow to take revenge upon humans someday. Therefore, seeing Ash-sama, who is a human, he——-」

I see, indeed.

Inheriting resentment from their ancestors, that was why they were trying to kill me on sight. So that was their reason.

If that was the case I understood it——-I could understand their feelings.

「……I’m not directly related to that, you know」

「Tha, that’s right! O, of course I know that! Ah, Um, I’m really sorry! 」

The reason Rusche became confused and apologized to me was because I spoke in that kind of evil voice.

「You don’t particularly have to apologize. 」


「you apologized for your stupid elder brother and his clan. Though, they said I was a human and suddenly attacked」

「T, The punishment for that foolish older brother, let his relative, I, the younger sister, take it. I will take whatever punishment it is. Therefore, the punishment for my older brother, and my centaur tribe, by all means…….please pardon them.」

「I keep saying, I already pretty much forgave them after all of them became my slaves. Geez, I already let it be bygones. Besides, what an older brother does……..has nothing to do with his little sister……. 」

「A……Ash-sama? 」

My voice became considerably darker and depressed from the middle of the sentence.

Because the trauma of my previous life was still there.

In the previous life, I received several false charges. That not only affected me, but also people other than me; it even included my family and my little sister.


「Ah, Um……A-Ash-sama.」

「No, it’s nothing.」

I shook my head to cast away my previous life.

No matter how miserable my past (previous life) was, It didn’t matter now.

I was literally born again and reincarnated.

I would be fine if I enjoyed the present life as much as I could.

「Enough of that, Rusche. At this rate, the sun will set soon.」

I said so, and Rusche turn around with arms open wide.

And then, I flew at a low altitude.

「You’re good at running, is it because your lower body is a horse?」

「Ah. Y-yes! The speed of Tauonir tribe is the best. Beside, there is a legend that we’re descended from the sacred horse, Sleiphnir. Amongst all 75 centaur-Nir- Tribes, I can say that we’re amongst top five.」

「All right. Follow me and run with all your might.」

[Part 2______]

Rusche was certainly quite fast.

Speaking of speed, my flying speed had already surpassed 60 km/hr.

It was already the average racehorse’s (thoroughbred) speed.

If possible, I can increase my speed further.

My flying speed increased by almost twice; it appear my speed was more than 120 km/hr.


As expected, she couldn’t match my speed.

When I turn my face around, Rusche’s figure already looks like a speck.

It can’t be helped; I waited for Rusche while hovering in the air.

「Haahaa……Ash-sama is so great, his flying speed is also……… HaaHaa……splendid……HaaHaaHaaHaa……desu……HaaHaa」

As a result of sprinting with all her might, Rusche’s breath became incridibly rough.

Now, though she was advancing slowly, at the speed of a walking horse, it looked considerably painful for her.

Though I was flying slowly at her side, her speed dropped even further.

「It seems like it’s nothing special. It doesn’t mean the speed is terribly fast.」

Rusche’s breathing settled afterward.

「N-No, I mean, we centaur tribes excel in hunting, we also respect fast runners. Also, we yearn to be someone who can flying so high and quickly in the sky」

She said that while she looked at me with a look of respect and envy.


「Ash-sama, can you fly higher and faster than a bird?」

「Well, let see. I think I can fly high and fast for many thousand metres. Moreover, I can fly faster than bird. Even faster than a falcon[Hayabusha*] or a swallow[Tsubame*]」


「I can say that I fly higher and faster than a Pegasus[Pegasus*] from the horse race」

「More than a Pegasus too…………」

I have a hunch that the colour of envy and respect in Rusche pupil become stronger.

「So envious. I, even once is enough, flying in the sky…….like bird…..or pegasus ―― That is my dream 」

「Is that so…………If that’s the case, want to try flying? 」


「Don’t move from that spot for a moment.」

I descended, diving to the bewildered Rusche on the ground.

I crawl under the horse’s abdomen.

And then, I hold Rusche’s foreleg in my hand and carry her on my shoulder.

「Wh-What are you……………Aah!!」

Hey, she raise an unusually erotic voice.

By some chance, did Rusche’s nipples(horse part) rub on my back?

Not just the female centaur’s human portion of the body, but does her horse portion of the body have nipples too?

……which of them would be used to give milk to their babies?

That kind of question sprang out suddenly.

「Ah, Um, Ash-sama…………Eeee!?」

Rusche raise a surprised voice.

I fly in the sky as I carry her on my back.

The current Rusche can fly in the sky by riding on my back.

Though it doesn’t mean that I have superior physical strength; it was just that by borrowing the power of wind spirit, I can even fly while carrying a horse and cow.

「Amazing…………I’m flying…………I’m, flying!!!!」

Rusche is currently overcome with emotions.

And then, with shaken voice

「My dream……my dream came true. The dream from my childhood…………」

「Is that so? That’s a relief.」


One falcon was passing by, near us.


「I’m going to increase my speed a little.」

「eh? Ah……Kyaa!?」

As I carry Rusche on my back, I chase after the falcon and overtake it.

Rusche was flying at high speed without hindrance on my back as I reached the unicorn ranch.

I then descend to the ground.

「Here is the unicorn ranch I talked about. The centaurs will immigrate to the surrounding outskirts of the castle wall and you and the centaurs are to take care of it, is that fine?.」



I drop her off from my back as Rusche was in a dazed state while holding her bow.


「Ah! Y-Yes, understood Ash-sama.」

She suddenly notice when I called her twice and her face recovered and nodded, trying to brace it diligently

「I can smell the aroma(smell) of a virgin.」

「Ooo, that beauty of centaur tribe is a virgin, isn’t she?」

「That beautiful and pure virgin, by all means, please give birth to my child」

I, no, Rusche was surounded by unicorns.

These guys, they really are indiscriminate when they see a virgin.

Though, Rusche was a virgin; this was the first time I heard that.

「Rusche. Are centaurs and unicorn able to produce a child? 」

「ah, yes. The possibility of having a child is exceedingly rare. If they born, it will be a very rare species called Unitaurs」


The unicorn and centaur’s child is Unitaurs, right.

Though I now knew its name, I wondered about their appearance.

…………Should I try it, different tribe crossbreeding?

「ah, um!」


「I, I don’t want to give birth to unicorns child, b, by all means, I want to give birth to A, Ash-sama’s child.」

Could it be that, thinking that she will be made pregnant with a unicorn’s child, Rusche hastily said those lines?.

She was desperate, her face blushed too.

Centaurs…….could they give birth to a human child too?

Well, though it was not like Rusche really wanted to give birth to my child.

I didn’t a have bestiality fetish.

I was relentless, even to 『half human』 half horse.

Rusche’s upper body was a cool beauty with big breasts, never the less, I was still relentless.

If I tryed it with a centaur, there was a more human-like person nearby, the lovely beastgirl, Angela――――――――)


Setting that aside, this world had considerable freedom in the matter of crossbreeds between different species.

A child could also be born between a unicorn and human too.

Female unicorns were an extremely rare species, I heard a legend that they could give birth to human child.

Well, though I don’t have any intention, either, for my child to be born from female unicorn.

To some extent, it would become bestiality.

In legend, female unicorns seem to have the appearance of a very beautiful human girl.

But, inside, they were still a horse.

For example, if by some miracle, a female unicorn was born in this unicorn ranch, I would never put my hands on her.

I truly means that.


Somehow, I felt that I just build some kind of flag……….No, it was just my imagination.


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Chapter 16 – Centaurs

「Which reminds me, there’s a visitor.」

Syl, who among the wind spirits (Sylph) had an especially good relationship with me, said that to me.

「A visitor? During my battle with the griffons? 」

「That’s right. Though they were only watching from the surroundings, and at quite a distance.」

「……….what kind of person were they?」

「They had the upper body of a human, and the lower body of a horse.」

Was it a Centaur?

Centaurs were a half-human-half-beast race that had from above the neck (of the horse) replaced with the upper body of a human; they also resided in the great prairie.

I happened to catch sight of centaurs several times from a distance when flying through the sky.

I’ve addressed them, but never come into a contact with them.

Incidentally, the centaurs in this world have become repeatedly persecuted by humans and were treated as monsters.

「That, it’s probably a centaur.」

「There are 5 men and 1 woman.」

「Hu~n, there’a woman centaur also mixed in with their group?」

「That woman, she has ultra-big-breast. They’re SOOO BIG!」

Moving her hands infront of her chest, the wind spirit made movements to express big breasts.

Syl’s chest was sad to the extent that her chest was truly nonexistent.

「Those people hesitated whether to greet you or not, Ash-kun, but eventually all of them left 」

「I see」

「They’re extremely scared of Ash-kun」

I flew in the sky in order to return to the unicorn ranch.

On my way, I came across a lion that was attacking zebra families.

The mother Zebra frantically protecting her children [foals] from the predator[Lion].

At this rate, however, once they’ve used up all their power, they will be eaten by the lion along with their kids.


The wild meant the survival of the fittest (law of the jungle).

The weak will be preyed upon.

It’s an unfortunate encounter, I, who is stronger than you.


A streak of thunder fell down upon the lion.

Since I reduced the power it wouldn’t be fatal but, for a while it will be numb.

During that time, the zebra family escaped.

It seemed the lion was unlucky today.

He accidentally met someone stronger than himself in the middle of its hunting.


「Just now, I practiced my spirit magic against a wild animal. It was just training. Training that used a lion as my target. So, no hard feelings.

I muttered that to the wind spirits; the wind spirit, Syl, giggled.

「Ash-kun is lying to himself. But, that’s so cute」

「……Shut it!」


I saw a small scale village.

I saw few houses that resembled the movable kind of house(Yurt) that were usually used by nomadic tribes.

The roofs were made from non-woven sheep wool fabric(pelt).

It looked quite comfortable to live in them.

I was getting interested and approached the village.

There was also dozen of humans riding hors—–no, they’re centaurs.

With the upper-half of their bodies as human and the lower-half of their bodies as horses, there were several dozen people, several dozen of horses, in that village.

I puzzled over whether to take a detour at that moment.

Well, come to think of it, maybe they wouldn’t pay too much attention to me if I passed them while flying in the sky.

I want to see the moving type house(Yurt) up close.

I lowered my altitude untill I was flying about 20 meters above the ground, and passed through the village.

Several centaurs noticed me and pointed at me; though I don’t care about that.

Which reminded me, I hadn’t used《Concealment》

Well, that’s fine.

From one best looking moving type houses(yurt) in the village, a male centaur appeared.

He was one head taller than others centaurs, his naked half upper body was quite muscular.

His arm muscles were especially amazing.

He was carrying a bow with those arms.

With the average strength of a human, the string of that longbow(Daikyuu*) simply couldn’t be pulled.

The tall Centauru nocked the bow with an arrow and——SHOOT IT TOWARDS ME!!!


I, somewhat confused, borrowed the power of the wind spirit, 《(Wind Armor) Sylph protection》 to avert the arrow.

It couldn’t completely avert its trajectory, and it grazed my cheek.

It was faint, but a trail of blood flowed down my cheek.

――just now, that arrow was aimed at between my eyebrows.

If I did not invoke《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》 in that instant, maybe it would have been an instant death for me.

I would understand if it was a warning shot.

If he shot to give a warning towards the suspicious person that passed through the village, in the sky; but that…

He really was trying to kill me just now.

Not even shouting a warning, trying to kill me with his first attack.


An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

An arrow for an arrow.

And in addition to that――it will be returned two fold.

I lifted the《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》, and fired two《Wind Arrow》 at the tall centaur.



Though the wind spirits spoke such dangerous words while attacking, I don’t have any intention to kill him.

The two 《Wind Arrow》 that I shot pierced the tall centaur’s right and left shoulder.

Just as planned*.

The tall centaur dropped the bow, and his quiver of arrows, to the ground.

Splendid amounts of blood flowed from the holes in both his shoulders.

It might have also broken both his shoulder bones.

The tall centaur moaned and fell to his knee.

Though he might have fainted, it’s not a life-threatening wound.

For causing this injury, maybe I need to shoot two more arrows.—–That degree was still just you reaping what he sowed.

I simply won’t kill him, but rather I want him to feel grateful toward my mercy.

I didn’t feel like to delivering the finishing blow, so I would leave the village as it was.


Seeing their fellow getting wounded, many centaurs loosed their arrows toward me at once.

Once more, I invoked《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》and the arrows didn’t reach me.

I felt a little chill from the bloodlust of the tall centaur because of the great bow. If it was an average arrow, however, I could perfectly protect myself from it with 《Wind Armor(Sylph protection)》.

That was if it was only 10 or 20 arrows.

I don’t have any confidence of defending myself from 100 arrows that come at me at the same time.

I also, maybe, couldn’t defend myself from one extremely powerful arrow—like for example, the bolt of a siege weapon like a ballista.

This time, however, these centaurs only fired 10 odds arrow at me, there was no problem protecting myself from them.

The centaurs that loosed the arrows at me were wide open.

It was just a waste of arrows.

Before long, there wasn’t any arrows left in the centaur’s quivers.

Well then――――it’s time for the hunt.(♪)

[Part 2 ______]

This is a war commenced by my opponents.

They’re attacking with intention to kill me.

In a group attack too.

I can’t particularly calm myself as I received simultanous attack from the entire group. (Confusion)

It’s revived my trauma of getting persecuted by the human society in my previous life.

In this moment――My judgement dulled and my view darkened.

It doesn’t matter if some people’s die.

With that intention, I’m using my hands to invoke attack system spirit magic.

Though they’re『half-man』 half horse, my opponent is centaur that treated as monster.

Moreover, they’re attacking in a group in order to kill me.

This is it, I won’t shoot my arrows at the the women, children, and I think it’s also fine to overlook the old centaurs.

However, forgiving the centaurs that shooting their arrows at me is futile nonetheless.

…………Lets annihilate them.

Well then, I wonder which spirit magic I will use to trample the—-.

「Pl-Please Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!」

I could heard the loud shout of a young woman from a distance.

Looking in that direction, I saw 5 centaurs running in the great prairie toward the village.

Leading them is the female centaur.

She wears tribal outfit with elaborate embroidery on her upper body.

In addition, I also have a clear understanding from the clothes that she wear, that her brea—ahem–st is shaking in a grand scale.

「Ah, That’s the big breast-san that I saw」

Syl the wind spirit pointed at her.

That female centaur?

It’s look like I somehow failed to notice them when I outstripped them when flying in the sky.

It seems the male centaur is subordinate of the female centaur, rushing toward the village, and then coming directly under the floating me.

And then, while looking up at me,

「Please pardon this gentleman wrong doing! Please, please, subside your anger!!!」

The representative, the female centaur is apologizing to me.


「Lushe! Why are you apologizing! 」

「That human is injuring our patriach, Keyn!」

「Lushe, your elder brother, Keyn, also fainted from severe injury because of that man spirit magic!」

「Blood for blood!」

「The human is the one who starting it, kill him immediately!」

「Did you forgot! How the humans treated our ancestor! 」

With the exception of 5 centaurs that rushing at me, it seems they still wish to continue the battle with me.

If that’s the case, the battle―― not, let’s continue the war.

This time, I will even including an AOE attack to them.

「YOU IDIOT!!! Did you want to wiped-out the bloodline of our Taupnir tribe!!!!」

The female centaurs desperately let-out a loud voice that resounded in the village.

The female centaur called Lushe is roaring at the other centaurs.

Shiiii—n, the centaur village fall into silent.

「If this person feel like it, we—no, this person have a tremendous amount of『power』 to exterminating all of centaurs tribe in this great prairie!」

The female centaur, Lushe turning to face her fellow tribe while shouting and pointing her hand at me.

「Lu-Lushe, what are you saying……」

Looking at the young, brawny male centaur made a perplexed face.

「I saw it! No, five of us saw it! 」

「…………What do you mean, what did you see?」

「this gentleman, kicking the ass of more than 100 terrible demon beast, the ferocious demon beast, Griffon, and also more than two dozens strong lion!!! ALL BY HIMSELF! 」

The centaur villagers paled, then made a big ruckus.

「Bu, but, just one of them is capable of annihilating a small tribe, facing more than 100 of demon beast griffon by himself……to, to by able to do such feat is…………」

「That’s right, It’s impossible! However, this gentlemen accomplish impossible thing.」


「In the southern rock area of this village, laying countless number of griffons corpse. The earth is dyed red by that demon beast blood. If you think I’m lying, go see by yourself! 」

Commotion of centaurs become even louder.

The female centaur, Lushe look up at me again.

Then, she fold 4 of her leg and bow her head.

As if she is expressing her thought to surrender herself.

Following her, the 4 male centaur doing the same action similar to Lushe.

And then――――other centaurs too, one by one follow that suit. (Did the same thing.)

――all members of fifty centaurs there all surrendered to me.

I accepted their surrender.

The female centaur, Lushe feel relieved from the bottom of her heart.

Really, I almost comitted to slaughtering an entire tribe in fit-of-anger, that’s truly scary.

Although, it doesn’t mean I will simply accepting it.

At any rate, I almost kill all of them.

Practically save for the centaur being slaughtered by my own hands, if I remember correctly this guy’s truly trying to kill me.

That is, exterminate all centaur tribe in this great prairie, I won’t do that of course.

Because the other tribes didn’t have anything to do with me.

On the contrary, I don’t feel like to annihilating an entire group of Taupnir tribe that attacked me.

Although, those guys just attacking me without asking any question but, annihilating them is also too much.

But even so, all of them surrendered and made their apologize, so I forgive them.

So, Instead of I’m destroying this village——–I got my hands on more than 50 centaur slaves.


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Chapter 15 – Earth spirit king and Wind spirit king

I put on the magic tool, 《Green Wig》 that allows me to have a conversation with animals.

And then

At the same time, I approach the Griffon that are attacking the unicorns.

Incidentally, I set off to the closest Griffon which is 50 meters away and cancel 《Concealment》

Usually, I don’t use 2 spirit magic at the same time.

Although I can use up to 3 spirit magic at the same time.

They’re not aware of my existance yet, or maybe the Griffons are not paying attention to me.

Instead of turning their attention toward me, they just doesn’t stop attacking the unicorns.


I borrow the lighting spirit’s power, volt, dropping down 《Thunderbolt》 from the sky to the closest griffons.

Streak of lightning drop down from the sky.

The Griffon that get direct hit raised a screech.

However, with that kind of damage, I was not able to kill it with one blow.

「What are you doing in my ranch!? You damned griffon! 」

While shouting, I continue dropping《Thunderbolt》 on the same Griffon.

Even though things may appear this way, it’s not enough to kill it.

On contrary to that, other Griffon facing toward me and charging to me in their wrath.

Soon, I gave that poor griffon my sympathy and strike it once more, ending it’s grieve.

No, it’s probably still breathing after falling to the ground.

Good grief…………what a stuborn fella.

I’m shivered facing such formidable opponent such as Griffon with strong life force.

In addition, the enemy themselves recognize me as a dangerous enemy who is killing them.

The Griffon flocks simultanously launching their attack to their mutual enemy.

Somehow, I think my first shout have some effect on them.


While send such provocation to them, I made my escape by flying in the sky along with the enraged Griffons.


I send such provocation while running away from them.

The Griffons that chasing become so angry that they want to tear my limbs to piece.


「how’s that! How about this! 」

「such easy victory」


「Not gonna come, SEE YAー!」


While provoking them over and over again, I increase the distance while flying and escaping from them.

I hit them many of 《Thunderbolt》along the way, since that’s will increasing The Griffons hatred(hate) and anger.

I borrowed the words of the “Strongest Man*” that he use as provocative words in his Beat-em-up game competition.

Though the Griffon flying speed are fast, I’m faster than them.

Getting away from them is not a big deal.

However, I must not escape.

If the Griffon realize that they can’t catch up to me, they would make a U-turn and move back to attack the unicorns again.

I pretended to be overtaken little-by-little.

I adjusted the flying speed perfectly so that the distance with the Griffons shrinking little-by-little.

To be honest, I feel a considerable amount of tension and thrill.

Because I’m literally risking my life.

Really, The Griffons that catching-up to me, is neglecting their life to surround me.

Rather than one or two them, there is around 100 of them.

If I come into contact with more than 100 Griffon, and they come with banzai attack, I will lose.

I wonder how many of them that want to kill me.

――I flew to a considerable range. (“-んだ”: So it’ll take time for them to catch up)

And then I――succeeded in baiting the Griffon.

I’m baiting them to come to the rock area from the great prairie.

There are several reason why I move to this place.

First is I don’t want to involved the unicorns in my line of fire after I released them.

Thus, This place is the place where I can utilizing and releasing my strongest power.

Therefore, the rock area have a lot of rock.

There is even huge boulder that is larger than the large Griffon.

In addition, I can fully exhibit the strongest 『power』 of the earth spirit in this area.

In other words, the earth spirit’s power here is strong.

Naturally, the wind spirit power also strong in the outdoor.

Also, It can be said that it’s a good fortune that the wind spirit power also strong in this place.

Since the wind here also blowing strongly, the wind 『power』 also strengthened.

I increased my flying speed in one breath, taking more than 200 metre distance from the flocks of Griffon.

And then, I get down to the ground.

I got down and stand from one rock on my right foot.

To rise my speed I exerted the last of my strength, that eventually tiring me out, being convinced that I can’t fly anymore, the Griffon rushing to me to be first.

Without knowing that this place will be their graveyards.

「Earth Spirit King – Beheemothhh!!!」

Focusing my mind, I call out the Earth spirit king (Behemoth).

The earth splitted, showing a gigantic figure of a beast covered with rock.

However, Behemoth’s form is smaller than the one I called last time.

It is approximately half its size.

Yup, that’s sure it’s.

I’m so exhausted to the extent that I can only summoned the body of the earth spirit king (behemoth).

In that situation, where I can’t summon one more spirit king.

「Wind spirit king – GINNNN!!!」

Immediately I’m doing a consecutive summon and summoned the wind spirit king, Gin.

His figure is that of a giant man wearing Arabian style clothes and flying in the sky.

It’s the wind spirit king – Gin.

Though his size is more than 20 metre, this isn’t his complete form.

「Behemoth! Gin! Assist me!!!」

「Very well.」

「Accepted. O-the one who can feel the wind.」

The Spirit Kings carry an overwhelming presence that is different from lower rank spirit, there is no way a non-spirit user can see their figure with naked eyes.

And, though they do not have a complete body. The giant beast(behemoth) and giant man (Gin) presence is enough to made the griffons faltered.

They were trying to escape.

However――it was too late.

[Part 2___]

At this distance it’s already too late, I cut the escape route in the 100 metre range of the griffons.

I invoked the composite arts between Earth Spirit King and Wind Spirit King《Huge Rock Storm Strike (Rock Strike Storm) 》. (TL: Fire the Improve version of Ashinator 9001(it’s over 9000!). Pretty much it becomes AAA like modern Gatling guns or the famous 8.8cm flak.)

I turn my right hand out toward the sky.

Countless number of huge rocks in rocky area flying as if piercing the sky at fierce speed.

Ten odds flying griffon get a direct hit and received considerable damage.

3 of them raised a screech and fall down from the sky.

However, this is only the first stage of my great move.

The HELL for the Griffons will begin after this.

「Drop down to hell!!!!!!!!!!!」

I throw down my hand below.

Countless huge rock continue to rise higher than than the flying Griffons.

Bundle of huge rocks Float in the air (Anti-aircraft) at the same time of my movement, rained donw at alarming rate. The target is the griffons that tryingto escape.

Due to the Wind Spirit King(Gin), the speed of the falling boulder increased further.

The huge rock hardness is also increased furthermore due to the Earth Spirit King (Behemoth).

Due to the the power of the Wind Spirit King and Earth Spirit King, the power of『Earth』attack attribute increase in a big scale and mercilessly mow-down the Griffons.

「Leave the fine tuning to me!!!」

Because of the Wind spirits (sylph) that clinging themself on the huge rock, the huge rocks shattered the Griffons spine, leading to the destruction of their cranium.


Huge rocks that integrated by the Earth spirits (gnome), it altered the rock’s shape.

Producing countless projectiles similar to huge spiky rocks.

That further increased killing force of the huge rock.

There doesn’t seem to be a pommel of the star-ball style/hammer/halberd (morning star). (TL note: in short, it’s a fudging 2 hand mace.)

Though, for the biggest boulder, it’s weight, and power can’t even be compared to the morning star.

――The scream of the Griffons resounded in the rocky area.

Almost all of the Griffons’ bodies and heads are smashed by the boulder, they’re crashed and dead.

Inside of the area is overflowing with the corpse of more than 100 Griffons.

Though as expected, annihilating all of them is too much.

Around 20 of them was left out and escaped.

Though they take a different direction from the unicorn ranch, they still escaped.

Still, the it’s not like the Griffons that managed to escape was unscathed, I made sure to ingrained their fear toward me.

So frightened to me that they will never again dare to attacking my unicorn ranch.

Instead, maybe it’s better to leave some survivor.

Because they will tell the other griffons about their fear toward me.

Therefore, I turned a blind eye to them.

…………but the truth is, because I was not able to pursuit.

Although it’s not in their perfect shape, I summoned the Earth and wind of the 2 bodies of the Spirit Kings simultaneously.

I am using up almost all of my vitality and stamina.

After I made sure that the fortunate griffons already flying in the far sky, my mind that already strained loosened at once, I’m half collapsed on that place.

「That was close!」

Although if I’m not made a request to the wind spirits, maybe I will be crashed to the hard rock head first without anyone supporting me.

Thank’s to the wind spirits, I’m only falling at low speed.

As my consciousness dimmed, I lied down.

More than 30 minutes passed, my stamina recovered little-by-little.

The fatigue is still remained though.

…………Come to think of it, Griffon feathers and nails, and in addition their beak, can be sold for splendid amount of money to the material shops.

I leave them alone for now because I am too tired.

I’ll come to collect them afterwards.


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Chapter 14 – Griffon’s Raid

「That’s……right. my first impression is that he is a gentle and kind person—-deshita. 」

This voice is Remilia.

Similarly to the time talking with me, who is her master, she used honorific.

Amongst the slaves, she is the ol—or should I say the most senior one by large margin.

Is she taking into consideration for Angela who is her senpai slave?

Or else, maybe it was just her habit to talk in a polite tone?

「……A very……nice person. But…..feared… unicorn…..seve……..rely. so poor…..」

This voice that trying to speak even though it’s disconnected——Maybe the one that speak this time is Luna.

Even though Luna received cruel insult from the unicorn, she still worrying that horse.

Extremely considerate feeling, maybe this girl actually hasve a gentle nature.

Oh, yes, Luna’s appearance is just like a girl between first half till middle half of their teens. [ED : between 11-15 years-old]

Though I think she is around 14 years-old since her height is around 155 centimeters.

However, her actual age is 10 and half years-old.

Half elf is just like elf, they will grow normally like human till they’re 15 years-old, considering Luna age, she is quite tall.

Most likely, she will grow exceeding 170 centimeters in the future [i].

Though I expect her to not grow more than 180 centimeters.

「But……I’m so glad…………since………his anger……… for me………」

You do not need to thank me particularly.

Since I also personally getting angry from the offensive words of that young unicorn, Geo.

「moreover……I……am rescued. My Throat……is……cured……Till this life is exhausted……..I…… will……devoting all of that……to that person」

「Yo, your entire life, wha, what do you mean by that??」

I heard Angela’s flustered voice.

「therefore……Entirely……(my)virginity…’s already impossible..but

The silence lasted for quite some time.

It seems both Angela and Remilia is worrying about Luna.

However, the next time Luna opened her mouth, it’s instantly become noisy.

「Instead of that…… ass………has…….yet………」


「Wha, wawawa, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING LUNA-san! T-T-T-Th-That kind of thing is no good! No good, NO GOO~~~~~~~~~~D!!!!」

Remilia and Angela fallen into a very serious panic attack when Luna dropped the bombshell.

Angela panic attack is especially severe.

Though, those lines also caused considerable panic attack to me too.


Luna voice fall to silent.

「Please listen, Luna」


「Something like virgin or non-virgin, something like that won’t change the true value of the woman.」

Remilia’s voice kindly persuaded her.[v]

「But……But……I……I…………am dirtied……so many times……and corrupted…………」

「No, you are never dirtied. By any means.」


The scenes of Remilia kindly holding Luna hands floating in my mind.

「Beside, the opposite man in contrary will keep their distance when they learned that you’re a virgin. That’s harder. 」

Remilia said that with sarcastic tone.

「is that……so?」

「Yes. When I confessed that I’m more than 3*** years-old virgin—– most of the men’s immediately running away.」

…………3*** years old.

…………3*** YEARS…………

That is really serious matter.

I can even feel the weight of history in it.

…………so is the high elf Remilia-san is more that 3*** years-old?

And yet, she’s a virgin.

If the unicorn knows about this, they would be in (the state of) ecstasy.

「If one’s unlucky, it’s more than hundred fold of human, even ordinary elf already done several to dozens times, even one’s from my generation do it for sometime, many men’s flinched out from me, an old—–virgin」

Certainly, that is a draw back.

Remilia become gloomy despite her serious tone.

「…………rather……………………………………………….I want to throw away my virginity. 」

She is muttering some monologue to herself.

If the unicorn is aware of that statement, they qill instantly going crazy.

「Fufu…………I, all the whole time………even 5000 years after this, even 10000 years will likely remained virgin…….. HAAAAAAAAA~~」

An extremely beautiful high elf which appear like girl in the second half of their teens, letting out a heavy sigh.

Setting aside her true age, Remilia is in her peak of youth and beauty, I think any men won’t just leave her alone, but.

It’s only that, Remilia is just truly extremely beautiful.

To sum up, her elegance is at the level of god.

For that reason she is like an unnatainnable flower, maybe that was why the me’s keep their distance from her.

「Ah, I actually have a lover. Though he is only a little more than 100 years-old. He is an elf country prince.」

「I, is that so, Remilia-san. Te, tell me a little more about that.」

Is she fond of love story? That Angela.

「But, when I confessed that I’m still a virgin, he said shyly 『Protecting virginity for more than 3*** years but, to take responsibility is…………』—-then my lover pulling back with all his strength, that’s how its ended.」


「I have yet kissed with that person.」


「or maybe, I shouldn’t say that I never kisses.」


Angela seems to be in bewildered state trying to picturing that.

「That time, thinking about maybe this is the chance, I’m wearing victory underwear with the most exposure and the most attractive one’s[Sexy]……only to be useless. 」

It’s too much for an old woman(babaa).

[Part 2 ______]
That kind of words appeared on my mind.

「That day, I prepared my home cooking with energy enhanced ingrendients for my lover…… I even secretly added vitality potion in it.」

This baba doing unreasonable things to her partner).

That kind of words have appeared in my mind too.

「But…………The current me is just a slave. I though I won’t let my heart to also fallen into slavery but, if my master, Ash-sama wished for me to attend* him at night…… that time I……..」

It’s sound like she hate it.

However, Remilia just sound like she is expecting for something to be happened, or is it just my imagination?.

「Ye, ye, YES! Remilia-san, YES!!!」

「what’s wrong Angela? You’re making a red face and raising your hand.」

「I, I! Because I will take your place at time! A, attending master need at night.」


「Ma, master is a boy, that’s why it’s only natural that he have that kind of thought. A, at that time, instead of everyone, I, I will……..for all of you……..」

「Yet, Ash-sama is still 10 years-old now—it’s not the time yet, but sooner or later, maybe he really need someone to attend him at night. At that time, Angela want to become sacrifice—-right?」

「Sa, sacrifice…….I, it’s not something likethat. I, it’s just that, I, I …….. with master is, Actually I Fa, FALLEN IN LOVE with master!.」]

「…………Is that, as——master? [x]」

「I、I、love him as a man…………I really love him、Ah、Ahh、Ah――」

I turned off《Communication Earring》.

Because I just remembered how to turn off the《Communication Earring》from this side.

Besides――I have a feeling that it won’t be good to hear more than this.


Even if I heard that, I can’t return it――Angela’s feeling.

Because of our master and slave relationship, that’s not it.

It’s because I’m a human………and she is a beastman.

In this country, the love relationship between human race and beastman race is impossible.

Is it like that for the entire world, or is it just for this country, I still don’t know about that—at least, that kind of things is impossible in this country.

It was considered a taboo that a human being have a sexual relationship with a Beastman.

From this country’s social common sense and ethic, it’s just like bestiality.

The marriage between human race and beastman race, is also prohibited.

It’s neither legal or ethical.

If I, have such physical relationship with Angela who is from beastman race, In case I have a physical relationship with Angela who is a Beastman, it will posses a threat if known by society.

My place will perfectly be gone in this country.

I am crossed out socially. (Metaphorically vaporized)

I will surely disowned by my family.

No one will come out to protect me.

It’s severeness is to that degree, that’s why relationship it’s deemed as taboo and such conduct is avoided.

It maybe because the memory of my previous life, I comparing my sense of ethic with other human being, and in those circumstances, my sense of ethic is rather deviated.

In fact, I can’t see Angela as other than a beautiful and lovely girl with dog ears(inumimi) and tail.

And yet, even if it’s not even ten years since I reincarnated, I already received education about moral and ethic since I was a kid.

The critism from society is severe, I don’t have resolution to snap and completely lose the place where I can be myself.

Because of that, the present me――can’t answer to Angela’s feeling.

Therefore, I don’t know anything about that.

When I arrived at the fortress city, Kare, I bought a large amount of horse stimulants.

Along with the syringe injection too.

I decide to turn back and fly at a high speed to the unicorn ranch.


The ranch is noisy.


the unicorn ranch that is being surrounded by high rampart, made from mud.

However, there’s no ceiling.

In frear of flying monster raid, I need to create the ceiling for it that’s what I think.

However, the unicorns rejected that idea.

They’re opposing it because the lost of the sunlight.

I too, maybe because I feel bad for locking them in a dark place, so I give up on that idea.

From the unicorn stories, there’re only a few populations of flying monster in this great prairie.

Therefore, the attack is actually quiet rare――or that what’s I heard.

But…… conclusion is over optimistic.

Actually, right now the unicorn ranch is under attack.

They’re under attack of flying demon beast, a large flock of Griffon.

Griffon is demon beast that have lower half body of a lion and the upper half of the body is an eagle, with eagle’s wing.

They’re demonic beast that eat the male horse, and rape the mare to concieve them.

In a sense, they’re the unicorn greatest natural enemy.

Even if they’re the predator who eat the mares, they will made an enemy of anything that rape the mare, including the virgin mare.

By the way, the time when the child between the Griffon and the mare are born, they will have an upper half body of a eagle known as demonic beast Hippogriff, which also can be receive training to become a riding horse—It’s not like I know it all, that’s just a bit trivia.

Demonic beast, Griffon didn’t drive away at once.

However…………it’s true that there’s so many of them.

They’re more than 100 of them.

Griffon is a terrifyingly strong enemy that’s what I heard from mother.

Even with just one Griffon, it’s already a really close battle for veteran soldier, even for experienced monk, to kill it.

Even ten of the unicorn are inferior to one normal griffon in terms of force.

And now there’s more than hundred of them.

At this rate, the unicorns will instantly annihilated.

I…………must I do something for them or not.

I am the person in charge of the unicorn ranch.

Beside…………they are my THINGS!

I do not forgive anyone meddling with my things.

「ASH! You, we will prevail! 」

Though The wind spirit, Syl said that, honestly, I can’t expect her to play the active role.

It’s because wind spirit attack have bad compatibility with our opponent, the griffon.

At any rate, wind attribute attack won’t be affecting the griffon that much.

As a Griffon, their attribute is surely『wind』.

And the fire dragon attribute is『Fire』.

But, earth attribute attack is effective againt’s wind attribute monster.

Let’s try to do as mother teaching, I also think like that.

The problem is it’s extremely difficult to hit the Griffon while its flying in the air with earth attribute attack.

By fired-up stone《Pellet (stone blast) 》by by borrowing the power of earth spirit, it’s just that it can’t reach the opponent that flying in the sky.

Before being killed, the unicorns are frantically trying to protect the mares that I brought along to unicorn ranch, those griffon, are they—actually planning to do a dive attack at such time?

The timing was extremely severe.

I recognize their aim, the effect isn’t that much when in the sky.

…………I released the most powerful earth attribute attack 《Major earthquake (earthquake) 》, by borrowing the power of Earth Spirit King (behemoth), it’s to the degree that even if the griffons are flying in the sky, it’s useless.

Dropping the rock from the sky, it’s composite arts between wind spirit and earth spirit,《Huge Rock Fall(rock strike)》, it’s power is so great, that it’s effective even against flying monster, but—–it’s a single use art.

Though it could easily killing several griffon in one shoot……

There’re more than 100 of them.

This isn’t enough.

「I have no choice then……..「《Huge rock storm fall(Rock Strick Storm)》」

I decided to made a huge bet by continuously activating finishing strike, 《Huge rock fall( Rock Strike) 》.

That finishing strike made me extremely exhausted——Now, I’m already exhausted all of my power.


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Chapter 13 – Jenga Brick

Before that.

I guess I should teach these three slave girls a game then leave them to house sitting.

It’s also because I want the three of them befriend each other.

Besides, I believe playing a game together is the shortcut.

Taking advantage of the recreation to propagating the frienship of these fellow.

Maybe by becoming a friend and getting familiar with each others, these girls will also opened their heart by playing game together.

In my previous life and even after reincarnated with my life in the town, I’m still a lonely person, I don’t have a companion to playing together not even one, so what I say just now held a little credibility [i].

I decided to enjoy playing together with the beast girl Angela, the high elf Remilia and the half-elf girl, Luna.

By the way, I named the half-elf girl, Luna.

The reason why I decided to call her Luna is because her beautiful silver hair is like the moon.

Maybe because it’s suited her, she look delighted with that name.

「This is how you take the brick with one hand, stack it up on the highest part and repeat the process. (This is how you play it.)[iii]」

I explain how to use bricks to play 『Jenga』in the yard.

I called it Brick Jenga.

Because I lighten the weight of the brick by the power of the wind spirit, there wasn’t any risk of the brick collapsing and falling on our feet.

For example, if the Brick collapse, the bricks won’t break and I will not be injured. (Because I lightened the weight)

However, even if it’s not like mine, according to Remilia she also can use similia spirit magic that can reduce the weight.

I’m giving an example for the time being, so now I’m playing Jenga Brick by myself.

By the way, though I playing alone―― Construction is my strong point.

As for the reason…………I think I don’t want to say it.

In my previous life, I’m often playing one person Jenga, I challanged myself on how high I can stack it,.

…………Though I say that, I found out a『formula』 for one person jenga, it can be said that I have splendid time playng by using that.

It’s not take that much time, I stacked the brick as far as shoulder height and and perfectly balanced.

「Waa, Amazing!」

「Playing that kind of game seems to be interesting, right?」

「*shaken in excitement*……*Ba-dump ba-dump*」

Looking at me stacking the brick tower, Angela, Remilia, and Luna giving out their thoughts.

Angela eyes shine with innocence delight.

Remilia is smiling with calm atmosphere.

Today, her expression become softened alot compared from the time when I bought her.

As for Luna, when the brick tower collapsed, despite being uneasy she look at it with great interest.

「After that, is the competition style played between several peoples. The competition is pulling out the brick then stacking it out in turn, the one who destroyed it is the loser.」

I also giving an example of how to playing Jenga with competition style.


Competition can’t be done by one person, right?

OIOI, what did you say.

Humans have two hands……….right.

I used my right hand and my left hand to show how to play in competition style.

With my left and right hand, I’m doing competition style jenga alone—-because of this I have considerable experience in this, too.

「by the way, there’s an opponent who can rival[rival] this right hand of mine who wons more than 1000 times. 」

When I say that while raising my right hand, for some reason Angela showing anxious expression.

「Ma-Master with that count alone, who d-did you played with? I, is it a woman? 」

I happen to hear her shaken-like voice.

I raise my left hand,

「This left hand is the worthy rival of my right hand, in term of skill it’s won’t lost to the right hand, it confusing the opponent with a tricky yet powerful play. The record is, as I thought the more skilled one with more number of win is the right hand.」

「………………」(your kidding, right? My heart is misplaced.)
「………………」(I take back my impression of Ash-sama.)
「………………」(who did I just give my life of servitude to?[iv])

The three of them were stunned.

They are also dumbfounded.

……ha, have they missed it?

Despite my intention of being a joke.

The truth is, In my previous life the right hand and the left hand competing for more than 2000 times.

「U~……..m. Ma, master, did it means that you’re—-playing alone? 」

I pull back my hand and nodded my chin as I heard Angela’s shy remark.

Somehow, it’s feel awkward.

Hey, Remilia.

Why are your eyes filled with light of affection and give a gentle smile to me?

Stop it! Do not look at me with that kind of eye.

My mind not ready yet, If someone looking at me with such lukewarm eyes…………

Angela put her own hand on her chest and feel relieved for some reason.

Luna is looking curiously alternately at my hands while muttering「right-? Left-?」.

I, with right hand player and left hand player, having and underrstanding that I’m always playing alone, moreover the face of this three after directly hearing my explanation, why are this girls made that kind of face?.

――Short while later, the four of us enjoying this jenga brick.

Set aside me who is more superior, Remilia who has good head ans dextreous hand is the most skilfull one.

Well, look like I must search for female virgin horses(mare) soon.

I decide to return back to the house to get some magic tools which was in the magic leather bag.

「Angela, you come here for a minute.」

I called out Angela, who delightfully wave her tails and the beast-girl follow behind me.

From inside the magic tool that I take out is pairs of two《communication earring[v]》and give one to her.

No matter how far we’re separated, we’re still able to talk, truly a convenient magic tool.

If that’s the case, I wanted to think of this thing as a mobile telephone.

The charge for calling is naturally free.

Even without this magic tool, I can borrow the power of the wind spirits《voice of wind (wind voice) 》 that even my companion’s can hear my voice, which will be able to deliver the message more or less.

However, because《Wind voice》 have a limit on distance.

I bought the《communication earring》with great pain, and I decided to use it at once. (Because it was very expensive!)

「I’m gonna going out for a while. If something happened, you as representative of the three must contact me immediately with this other half of《communication earring》.」

「M, me…………desuka? not Remilia-san.」

「N? Ah, well 」

Although it’s only by one day, Angela is the most senior slave.

For that reason, she is the representative, for the time being.

However, unexpectedly, Angela is being delighted.


Is it because the dog tribe beastman is bunch of fellows that fussing over ranks?

Is she happy because she was chosen as representative?

「I’m so happy……I, will treasure this for my whole life.」

Angela push it tenderly on her chest while carefully holding that《communication earring》like somekind of sacred treasures.

My intention was to only loan it temporary, now gone…………Well it’s alright.

Angela immediately attached the《communication earring》 to her ear.

She didn’t attach it on top of her head where the dog-like ear is, but on her human like ear.

Ah, that look good on you――that what’s I thought.

「how, how is it? Master? Do-do-does it suit m……me?」

Because I hear it in an uneasy voice with upturned eye,

「hm? Ahh……yes」

And I affirm it for the time being.

Angela put both of her hand against her cheek shyly, and delightfully let out「nihehehe」.

While waving her tail at high speed.

The three of them, along with Angela, play Brick Jenga in the garden. I(on the other hand) am flying in the sky above the great prairie.

I search around for a while and finally come across herd of wild horse.

A huge herd consisting of more than 1000 horses.

I brought one of the magic tool《green wig[vi]》and put it on my head.

It’s a convenient magic tool that possibly allow the mutual understanding with animal.

Its appearance give a vivid green wig that kind of light composition texture.

By muttering the password「Y・A・P(Chat)」*, made it possible to understand the horses voice.

「The males leave. The Female follow me. You have no right to deny.」

I declare it’s useless to question my order.

Naturally, the horses conveyed the intention of refusal.

The alpha male with it’s desposition is it’s large build, come toward me,「leave……otherwise, be trampled」type of threat.

However, I borrow the power of thunder spirit, Volt power, and dropping《Thunderbolt》near the horse from the sky, the horse become incridibly meek.

The horse keep shaking to the point that they can’t turn around and running away.

As I thought, displaying my power is the easiest way to made the wild animal obedient.

…………Thought I said that, I’m doing it properly.

[Part 2______]

If I leave the unicorns in the field, in the middle of mating season, or during the mating season then they’re discovered by the herd of unicorns nearby.[vii]

In that situation, this herd will definitely experiencing even more atrocity.

At any rate, if it comes to the unicorns, when they encountered herd of the horses, they will charge into them, then stabbing the herd of male horses to death with their horn, no question asked.

Even if the male is only a foal[viii].

And then they’re taking away the mare to give birth to their’s own child [ix].

Incase if they come across the non-virgin Mares, won’t they stabbed to death?, it seems they’re driven far away.

Truly without moral.

truly a beast.

No, I have no doubt that the unicorns is a beast (animal).

Well, in the wilderness survival of the fittest is the law.

In contrast with this heartless act, I’m not particularly intending to criticize the unicorns.

Guu~ those livestocks(To the degree of lost words for those beast) , that’s what I think about them.

Though in some area the unicorns are treated as sacred beast(sacred horse), maybe it’s because they didn’t know about these guys true nature.

Slaughtering the males and attacking at the other herds, because their copulation with female(Restricted to virgin), rather than sacred beast, I think Sex Beast* is more suited to them.


「The mares. From now on, you are being taken along to the unicorn’s herd.」

If I inform them, the Mares will follow with pleasure.

Somehow or another, it seems like the unicorn is treated like an alpha race, the unicorns must be proud hearing those remarks, at least in the society of the horse.

Maybe, the unicorns are judged as elite handsome horse by the mares [x].

While I feel some sympathy to the frustrated male horses, I took the Mares to the unicorn ranch.

I temporarily opened the castle wall that I used as replacement for the fences, and let the mares go inside.

The unicorn rushed as soon as they saw the mares.

And then the unicorns scramble to be the first one to copulate with the mares.

……these guys, they really are a sex beast*.

They’re just separated from the herd of male horses, however in general the mares are accepting to copulating with the unicorn.

Oh, it seems to be worthy of being called wild animals.

However, approximately half of the mare’s can’t get their unicorns partner.

The situation is that the Mares numbers is twice that of the unicorns, so it’s natural that there is some leftover.

As I though, is it because the only want to concieve a young and lovely mares?.

Eventually, if most of the mare impregnated, it will be fine.

――No, it is the unicorns.

I need to investigating something.

My fear really come true……… The unicorns, they’re only copulating with virgin mares.

They’re not particularly indifferent copulating with virgin mares earlier.

The problem is the motivation of the unicorns to copulating with non-cirgin mares is, zero.

After I bring alongst the mares with such great trouble, approximately half of them are non-virgin.

No matter what, the unicorns must also copulating with the non-virgin mares, of course if they’re get concieved the『productivity』of the unicorn ranch will be high.

That’s why they must accept to mate with non-virgin mare, by all means.

Besides………… The non-virgin mares that didn’t addresse by the unicorns to become their partner seems to be pitiful, wait a minute………………[xi]

Of course, for example if the other party is human(Or any living beings that resembles humans[xii]), it can’t be said that they have tendency to choose the the one they like in regards to the female.

A one sided sexual disposition that didn’t want to embrace anything except for a virgin, In that case, I’m not concerned about it.

However, the unicorn is still a horses(beast) after all.

Even if it is intelligent, as far as I concerned, they’re just a damned horse*.

As a matter of course, the horses (unicorns) do not have human rights[xiii].

To begin with, I am the owner of this unicorn ranch.

Won’t mate with nothing but virgin, such funny behaviour, I definitely won’t allow it.

Since the producticity of the unicorn ranch can be crashed because of that.

For the time being, try to settle it with gentle way, make a request to the unicorns.

If they’re listening to me they will be mating with virgin mare afterwards, otherwise mate with non-virgin mare.

I lowering my head with consideration of the unicorns feeling, I sincerily made that request to them.


「Stop bullshitting me!」

「that’s right! Why should we do that with non-virgin!」

「We, the unicorns do no copulate anything but virgin creature. It’s common sense! Common sense you know!」

「the plain looking virgin are more beautiful than the pretty looking non-virgin females. It’s also common sense too! 」

「I wished for the mare to to quickly concieved[xiv]*, bring in more virgin this time! 」

The unicorn did not listen to me or get the message.

The holder of the most elegant and elongated long horn, the high spirited young unicorn.

「Dirty looking non-virgin Mares and the likes, We are a proud pure high class noble and clean unicorns who probably will not copulate with you! Copulating with garbage-like you, the non-virgin females, our precious pen-is will rot, so you should give up! Take that filth away quickly from this place! Breathing the same air as the dirty non-virgin females is sickening!!!!! 」

Spelling out such offensive remarks [xv].

At the closer look, that young unicorn is Geo.

「Look at me, you human over there, take that filth away immediately! 」

The young unicorn, Geo, did not understand his position himself yet dare to command me.

「「「「that’s right! That’s right! 」」」」

The unicorns shouted annoyingly in agreement with Geo.

…………REALLY, THESE GUYS ARE………… (Going to hell)


「F U C K Y O U……I’m gonna kill you………… you trashy creature!」

*Shi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n.

The unicorns simultaneously fell silent when they were threatened while I’m glaring at them with threatening eye.

Completely frightened, the unicorn begin copulating with the non-virgin Mares, successfully ruled to impregnate them.

If they say they’re already exhausted, before I cut-off their horn, I will cut-off their genitalia so they can’t copulate for the rest of their life anymore ――I deemed this threat to be effective.

It seems the unicorns also completely reluctant to be castrated from the bottom of their heart.

…… however, I am not a demon.

I will not force you to mating, but even the non-virgin mares also want to mate with the unicorn-sama.

I purchased large quantities of stimulants for horse mating in the town, and give it to the unicorns

Especially that beyond virgin troller, Geo. I give him especially large doses.

And then, I think I will isolating him alone with the oldest non-virgin mare.

While I was thinking about the plan to raise the productivity of the unicorn ranch, I face toward the fortress, city, Kare.

Because I want to buy large amount of mating stimulant.

「U, Um, both of you, ho, how do you feel about master?」

The beastgirl Angela voice could be heard while I’m flying in the sky.

I attach the《communication earring》 to my right ear.

Though it’s not particularly an emergency case.

Did by some chance Angela hand touch it, and by some coincidence pushing the start-up switch?

The person herself didn’t notice about the startup of《communication earring》

――Thus, I heard the girls talk between the slaves including Angela.


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Chapter 12 – True Dragon King Zogdriaz

True dragon king hunting ground?

Somehow, the name that just come out give an extravagant amount of bad feeling.

「Remilia, by that, what do you mean?」

「The king of true dragons who have the power to kill a god―― True dragon king. Apart from it’s dwelling place in the true fire mountain, it’s barely seen beyond southern area. [i]. If I’m not mistaken, it’s name is True Dragon King Zogdriz [ii].True Dragon King is from Fire dragon family, there is a legend said that it’s already life since immemorial time.Thus, this great prairie is True dragon king Zogdriz feeding ground in other words, his hunting ground. All living beings in this great prairie, is no more than Zogdriz …….food. 」

「Ho, that’s kinda unexpected, is that Drgon living in that volcano over there?」

Gulping my saliva in hearing that.

「That’s only natural……desu.But, I’ve only heard about that story from a high elf when I’m still in the forest, in addition that also story from quite long ago in my olden days, now there is no evidence that true dragon king Zogdriz is still dwelling in that place.Moreover, it is said that the True Dragon King boast of its extraordinary longevity but doesn’t mean it’s immortal and it might be dead already.」

「how far ago is the “olden days”?」

「from this present moment, It is 1,000 and a few days ago that I heard that story from the elders.」

「Ummm……so it’s nearly 3 years ago?」

「Ah, no, it’s 1000 years and a few days ago.」

What’s that? If that’s the case, maybe that frightening true dragon king already passed away long time ago.

I am feeling relieved.

However, she heard the story more than 1000 years (1 millennium) ago, right?

This high elf, how old she really is?

Her appearance is from that of girl in their second-half of their teens.

「among the animals that lives for a long time on this earth, in case of an intellectual creature, there isn’t much information known about the life and death of the True Dragon King Zogdriz. 」

It’s reminded me to the old unicorn which is the elder of the unicorn.

Anyway, I also need to go to the unicorn ranch for the medical treatment of the elf girl[iii].

Maybe I can ask that old unicorn the story about true dragon king Zog-Whatever-It’s-name-is.

We flew until we reached the Unicorn Ranch.

I tried to ask the matter to Elder Unicorn, cliff, if he knows about the True Dragon king.

「T-t-Ttttrue Dragon King……Zo……ZoG……Zogdriaz…… 」*Tremble* *shaken*

This old unicorn is trembling over something terrible.

In spite of an adult, his 4 legs trembled like a newborn lamb when he heard this name.

「Then, don’t tell me, that guy is still alive right now.」

That’s the matter that I need to know the most right now.

「Ah, That devil…….he’s still alive, no, describing him as devil is too kind, that wicked dragon……he’s still alive」


「I discovered this great prairie for quite a while ago but, I’ve never seen that dragon appearance even once.」

「It must be that. It’s because that dragon currently entering it’s dormant period.」

「Dormant period? Then right now it is sleeping like a bear in hibernation?.」


Which reminds me, it’s remind me of the lesson from my mother about living creature including monster, in those lesson there is some study about dormant period of the dragon.

The dragon’s can moving without resting in it’s active period, and simply won’t wake up in it’s dormant period, then those two circle repeated.

「If I am not mistaken, with young dragon vigor, it’s active period is quite long, but as it get older, the dormant period becomes longer.」

「That’s right. And, True Dragon King Zogdriaz dormant perios is extremely long.
Anyhow, True Dragon King Zogdriaz already exist since much longer in the olden ancient time, assuming that it was true, the dormant period for such ancient dragon must be extremely long.Now, the cycle of it’s active period and dormant period is ten years.And then this time, from the time it’s entering into dormant period, not even 5 years have passed. 」

「If that’s the case, We have at least 5 years—」

「It’s won’t be wake up around this time for now」

I am relieved in hearing that.

The True Dragon King’s threat won’t come right away.

「In the previous active period, that dragon also attacked ME and my flocks.
At that time, our number exceeding 500, the one who survived is no more than tenth of it.We’re almost annihilated, fortunately the true dragon king Zogdriaz change it’s target to the several Flying Dragon(Wyvern) who happens to flying over us, then before we ended in it’s belly it’s stomach already full………….Then hunted again after that………… 」*tremble* *tremble*

The old unicorn begins to tremble in fear when remembering that time .

Fumu (hmm)

「Then we only need to find a new grassland before 5 years passed.」

「Eh? (What?)」

「Moving to a different place from this great prairie before that dragon finished it’s dormant period—moving all of you to someplace like uninhabited island, and rebuild a new unicorn ranch in that place. I say there isn’t any choice of refusal for you.」

I said that with emphasing tone, leaving no choice for refusal.



「Fo, for the sake of us, you say that you will find a new heaven for us.」

「Ah, ahh, Well something like that」

「We’re grateful……….we give you our deepest gratitude and more deepest gratitude」

I certainly think they would certainly declare with discontent and grumbling, on contrary it’s gratitude.

Maybe because this old unicorn unable to assume the praying posture to me by joining bo his hand.

…….Somehow his tune getting out of order.

「anyway, from the previous story just now, we got no more than 5 years extension time」

「That’s right, as far as I know that dragon never wake-up even once in it’s dormant period, we will peaceful for at least 5 years. That promise, please protect it by all means.」

「That’s depended on whether you’re willing to cooperate with me.」

「Supposed we’re able to do it, giving you our help is only natural」

「is that so? Well, I wanted to request for your cooperation immediately. 」

I pointed at the elf girl’s throat beside me.

「you said that horn can heal illnesses and injury but it must be alive. Cure the throat of this girl…………that had her vocal cord cut out. 」

「But performing 《Heal》 by horn, it’s the same as shaving our life force along with our life span…….」

「I beg of you.」

I bowed my head and beg him[viii].

Though maybe it’s done only to show some effect it’s not like I’m particularly want to bow againts my own will.

If I feel like it, I can cut-off this guy horn as many as I like.

However, for some reason I feel that now is the time to bow my head.

Because I wanted to lower my head, I lowered it.

As for my personality, I’m someone who hate to bow down to other’s.

However, there is a time when one should bow-down his head, It’s not like I’m particularly believe it.

Instead, I do not want to become an arrogant similar to prideful human, so I must bow occasionally too.

I myself, scorn this kind of man, I simply hate it.

In my previous life, I work for a company where the damned higher-ups loved to abusing his power——-no, that was not worth worrying about.

「……… I will call a young unicorn in the flocks that have overflowing life force. It’s my child, Geo. Geo, Oi Geo come over here!」

The old Unicorn gazed at his surrounding from beyond the unicorn, one young unicorn was called out.

The young unicorn have a long elegant horn.

It’s just like the white horse ride by a prince-sama in the story no, it’s one horned horse.

I honestly think it’s beautiful.

I look at the beautiful thoroughbred horse to my heart content.

The young unicorn is called Geo approached cautiously.


Angela look at the young unicorn and muttered some words.

「O pure little girl. I give you a permit to touch me」

The young unicorn, Geo, said to Angela in a gentle voice.

Angela looking at me, requesting for my permission. I nodded silently to her.

Angela nervously approached the side of the young unicorn and touch his body.

The unicorn half closed its eyes and made a cheery sound.

I think that it would be difficult for me as a male to touch it. (and worsen the mood)

「That elf born in ancient time. You’re also a pure girl, you may touch me」

The High Elf Remilia approach the young unicorn while faintly smiling.

The elf girl hiding behind Remilia’s back in order to approach the unicorn.

The elf girl will want to touch the beautiful young unicorn too.

Remilia stroke the mane gently, the young unicorn increasingly become in a good mood.

after that, the elf girl is about to touch the young unicorn with her shaken hand.

[Part 2 ______]

「NO TOUCH!!!!!!!!!」

The young unicorn enraged.


「YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME, DIRTY SOW!!!There is no way that you, a non-virgin girl who open her crotch to dirty looking man would be allowed to touch me!!!!!!Disappear, you vile filth!!! 」

The young unicorn sent forth heartless and reckless remarks to the elf girl.

The elf girl hung her head in shame while trembling.

The ground of the prairie got wet by the little girl’s tears.

「Only pure young girls are allowed to touch me who is noble and pure.Dirty-looking violated girls are forbidden to touch me no matter how long you wait for it!You who who gave yourself to a vile looking human――」

The young unicorn was not able to finish his abusive words.

It’s because I hit the side of that long thin face.

I approached and hit him.

I aprroached him again the hit m so he can feel the severeness level of his harsh words.

The opponent is a horse (one horned horse), only an amateur hand-to-hand combat. Also it’s not like my fist also held that much power in it, so there won’t be any devastating damage.

Nevertheless, the young unicorn is terribly confused from the shock of the hit.

It may be that the shock was bigger because it’s a male that hit him.

「W-Wha-Wha-Wha, What did you do! A noble, pure, and sublime me to get hit by dirty looking male human—–」


I speak in low voice while grabbing that young unicorn horn.

「Y, you, how dare you touch my horn with your dirty—-」

「Shut-up……or I will break your hor you shitty unicorn 」


「If you speak again.the next time you open your mouth, I will break your horn, and turn your corpse into horse sashimi for a meal」


「Do you understand my words? Nod silently if you understand.」

While holding the horn in my hand, the young unicorn hastily nodded many times over.

His eyes fully opened looking in a stange way.

It seem my serious words really fixed in his mind.

「Yosh, then back to the talk from before, heal that child throat」

「Tsu, using my life span to perform《Heal》 by using my horn ――」

「Shut up」

「I’ll let you choose. Now, I’ll cut off your horn and give you an instant death, or you use that horn on this child to heal. And live with your remaining life span.」

「Yo-You got to be joking! That kind of 2 choices is――」

「Shut up!」


「then—which one is your choice? 」

「……if it was for a pure girl, I will gladly give as many as my life span. But, for this filthy non-virgin girl——」

「Shut up」


Well then, should I cut-off this young unicorn horn since the way he speak irritating me—– When I was about to decide it,

「Just do what this human said.This man is the one who control our life and death. And also, for prospriety of our folks.If you can’t obey this man order—-you might be as well as die………….for the sake of our group. 」

The chief of the group, elder unicorn said that in solemn tone.

The young unicorn glared for a moment and scowled at me hatefully.

「……ku……Un, understood. Just this time……..just this time, I will use my horn. But naturally I won’t do that. We’re, pure, noble, and sublime beauty, moreover, to use unicorn horn that over flowing with bravery to a filthy non-virgin girl is—」

「Shut up」

「if you speak another word, I will really kill you.」

I brought myself to really kill this young unicorn if he spoke the next single word.

My killing intent and serious tone seem to be transmitted enouh to that young unicorn.


The legs of the young unicorn which seemed to overflow in courage kept shaking.

The young unicorn completely resign to me as he treat the elf girl.

In silent.

The elf girl reach to the point that she can talk.

Functioning like a living creature.

It’s only that since she usually barely even talk, she speak clumsily.

Or should I say she didn’t know a single words.

I think, sooner or later she will accustomed to it and can speak normally.

As for the elf girl name.

Her name is………… it appears she doesn’t have a name

She is already a slave all the way since her birth, she also didn’t get a name from her master.

Not only that, but I imagine she is treated as a thing from her master and shouldering a painful past.

And, even if an elf is an elf, she has half human blood as a result of her mixed blood which made her a half-elf.

And then—–she strongly wished to become my slave.

「I, by all means.」


「abandoned, no」


「Slave, for, you」





She clings to my foot, over and over again that elf gir—–no, half elf girl plead to me.

I already have Angela and Remilia as slaves.

More than this is unnecessary.

Currently, I didn’t have any plan to increase my slave.



Well, I wonder is this okay?


I cured her throat, should I sell her?

…………I wonder whether I ever say that kind of words?

I do not remember.

I forgotten.

I can say that I am a forgetful person, and it’s especially inconvenient for myself.

By the way, the day is not high yet.

Next time――Should I get more quantity of female horses (mare)?

For the sake of increasing the number of unicorns in unicorn ranch.

Because I receive a request that they wanted more virgin mare at the ranch.

Because of rapid breeding and a number of them is in need of multiplying, I brought myself to hear the request.

Well, I intend to take some and paying attention if it’s a virgin or not.


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